• Manage and monitor, monthly, the municipal utility charges.
        1. Tracking council account accuracy with Property Management team.
            1. Develop comprehensive tracking schedule with property team.
            2. Prepare comprehensive property Valuations schedule to track:
                • Property value,
                • effective date of valuation
                • property value increases,
                • rate in the rand,
                • Act timeously on new proposed Valuation Roll allowing sufficient time to object if necessary.
                • Update schedule as a property is acquired or sold.                                                                       
        1. Identify variations in utility expenses and the analyses thereof. Address such variations.
        2. Highlight issues arising.
            1. Municipal issues
            2. Internal issues (leaks, wastage etc.)
        3. List and attend to issues resulting in Council billing errors.
        4. Attend to issues raised by Property Management Team.
    • Manage and monitor monthly Electricity, Water & Sewer and Refuse consumptions and charges with the view to reduce / eliminate any incorrect tariffs and charges – identify any savings that can be achieved.
        1. Implement daily water monitoring at buildings.
            1. Consider water saving solutions – boreholes etc.
        2. Ensure optimization of all tariffs based on activity at the building.
        3. Manage Tariffs and Tariff changes.
        4. Introduce savings measures.
        5. Refuse charges – prepare comprehensive list of bins on site per building to compare with Council billing.
    • Assist Property Management team with readings charges and calculations relating to multitenant buildings. This includes:
        1. Introducing sub-meters where necessary
        2. Replacement or improvement of sub-meter infrastructure
    • Reporting – Monthly reporting on Utilities, issue list.
        1. List resolved issues.
    • Develop (with the owner) a roll-out plan to improve / reduce charges where possible.
    • Develop (with the owner) a roll-out plan to introduce alternative energy solutions.
        1. Identify energy professional and develop strategy for implementation.
        2. Prepare plan and costs for approval by Steven.
        3. Manage implementation of the plan once approved.
The 5 municipal utilities to be managed are:
    1. Rates – including all aspects of property valuations.
    2. Electricity – including tariff and usages.
    3. Water – charges usages and cost saving measures.
    4. Sewer / effluent
    5. Refuse removal.

Property Municipal Utilities Manager